More shopping and more England.

It feels like the only thing I'm doing in England is shopping, haha!! Today we woke up and went straight to Sainsbury. We bought some sausage rolls and then went to the barber to get Benjamin's hair cut. Here in England you kind of just walk in, wait for a few minutes, get your hair cut, pay and walk out. It only takes like 20min and there's no booking required. At least not for the men, I guess it's different for women...? Then followed some more shopping in forms of paper. I need papers, going to school and all, so we went to WHSmith. I absolutely loved the store!! And I bought a bunch of stuff! Or, I didn't actually buy that much and we haven't been shopping that much it's just that I've been living in the mountains and not been shopping at all for a year! So now a little shopping feels like a lot!

Hey!! Benjamin's family got home last night! I was asleep in the sofa in the back room and woke up when they all of a sudden came in the front door. The empty house is now full of people and today his mom is going to serve us some spaghetti bolognese. I've been looking forward to taste her cooking because Benjamin has told me its super good but apparently not at all like the Swedish cuisine.


Now I have to try and get rid of this stupid headache that doesn't seem to want to go away! I think it's because I've been living in the mountains in dry air for a year and now all of a sudden I'm at sea level in very humid air. I think my body is struggling with these changes... I need to drink more water.


Cold pork pie. Yummie.


Cold sausageroll, not so yummie..

It's acctually not a sausage inside, it's minced meat. Surprise!


 All the stuff I bought at WHSmith. Happy Bird!!

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Nässpray älskling!! :) Härligt att du har så kul, och engelska köket är ju inte superspännande tyvärr.. Puss Puss

Svar: Vi hittade ingen nässpray! Helt sjukt! Men det känns som att huvudvärken ger med sig lite.. Jag dricker sjukt mycket vatten och det verkar funka.

2013-08-27 @ 15:50:33

Inte nässpray. Vatten! Minced meat (eller sausage) = mad cow disease... stay away.

Svar: No minced meat? Ooops, to late! U serious? Mad Cow Disease? Going on now?

2013-08-28 @ 10:39:39

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