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This morning I went to French class for an hour and a half and then checked out. French is not really interesting now since I'm on my way to Dublin and also we got a new teacher and I don't really like her way of teaching. Or maybe I'm just used to the old teachers teaching methods and can't be arsed getting used to the new teachers teaching... Anyhow, after leaving French class I filled the car up with all my shit and drove to the house. Now, taking all my belongings from the studio down to the car was a fucking workout! I didn't realise before that when you're only one person you have to walk A LOT and carry A LOT to get all that stuff out. Up and down stairs and up an down the elevator. Pugh!! It was all super heavy aswell! I don't understand why I didn't call a friend for some help.. I'm never making that mistake again! When I walked up the stairs for the 6th time I tried to open the studio door with the car keys.. Tired girl.

However, now I'm in the house and got the washing on. I'm cleaning both for me and for the family who ARRIVES TODAY!!! I'm going to get to hug my lovely au-pair kids again! I've missed them a lot and I think this week is going to be awesome, being my last one and all.. Can't wait!!


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2013-08-23 @ 07:55:20

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