Sentimental and Goodbye

Oh, Wow. There are so many things in my brain right now I don't know what to do. This day has been rather shattering. I'm so fucking happy about the move but also so fucking sad that I have to leave.
I made a visit to The Offiice Bar today. That wonderful bar where I've been working all summer. I left some stuff for a friend, got my last paycheck and said goodbye to my colleagues. It was tough. I got to hear so many great things about me and I got a lot of hugs. My boss, who reminds me a bit of Baloo in Mowgli, lifted me up and huged me hard. You know, so hard that it makes you loose your breath for a second or two. Then he said 'It has been a pleasure to work with you Josie!'. Well, Baloo, this summer would not have been the same without you and your bar! Working in a bar has been so much fun and my cheeks have been aching all summer because I've been smiling everyday at work. Therefor it was hard to say goodbye but I don't think anyone noticed that. When I left the bar my tears started streaming down my face and when driving back to Chamonix I couldn't see the road properly. But ehh, whatever! I'll be back! You just wait and see!!
After this visit I drove around a bit in Chamonix and said goodbye to some more people. Then I picked up A from the cap loisir. The night carried on as any other familynight and after dinner we started watching Despicable Me 2. In the middle of the movie I descided to take a drive around town again and say goodbye to 2 more friends. Ugh! The tears started streaming down my face again and as I drove back home it was hard to see the road, again. 
Now I'm sitting down in the bed where my Chamonix adventure first started and I'm trying to think about other stuff rather than the fact that I'm leaving. Like, that I'm finally going to live in a capital again (Yes, big city life) and that I'm going to get to kiss my wonderful Benjamin again tomorrow. I'm telling myself to think about stuff that makes me happy because I am! Lucky and Happy! Goodnight!
Me and a (former) colleague trying to get a good pic.. Oh..

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